March 1st Icebreaker Concert Details

Here are several details to be aware of. Please study this page carefully.

The Reason for This Concert

This is an informal “icebreaker” concert for our semester. It helps us get used to performing—and not only for the cast, but for the crew. As we have a new stage, we have many new adjustments to make. Further, we’re still trying to get more sophisticated/professional in our livestreaming capabilities. So we need this show to keep ironing out the kinks. Besides all that, though, it’s just fun! So it’ll have an informal feel about it, and we expect it will be quite enjoyable for everyone.


Monday, March 1. The house opens at 6:30 and curtain is at 7:00. It should all be over by 8:30.

Show Order

All Choirs Together sing: Sur le Pont / Anne Marie Loves Jean Pierre
Story, Rhyme, & Song
Kids’ Choir
Glee Club
Freedom Choir
Skits Workshop

We understand that the families of the younger kids may want to leave as soon as SR&S is done singing, but we hope that the Kid’s Choir and Glee Club cast will stick around to hear Freedom Choir and to see the skits, as it’s a great chance to learn about those other groups first-hand—AND, as those groups need an audience, too!

Audience and Livestreaming

If you plan to attend in person, you MUST register in advance as seating is limited. See below.

We’ll have a live audience AND the show will be livestreamed on Facebook. Those who can’t attend will be able to watch for free online.

For the live audience, we have a suggested donation of $5 minimum per person, payable at the door. (Read more below about capacity.) On Facebook, no fee will be required, although there’ll be an option for making donations.

We have limited seating, and preference is being given to families of our participants. So we’re not even announcing anything to the general public about attending in person. The cast alone is 60 people, just to put it in perspective.

Reservations for In-Person Audience

We don’t know what to expect, yet we don’t want a madhouse, either. So here’s the plan. Friday morning at 10:00, we will send out a link to everyone in our Weather Closures group. The link will go to a Google Forms page where you can sign up, first-come-first-served, to attend in-person. Once we see that we’re beyond capacity, we’ll cut off registrations. Because of the students’ young age, we have already reserved ONE seat for each parent of those in the Story, Rhyme, & Song class, so that none of them are here without a parent present. Everyone else, however, will need to register. If we can’t fit you in, you can always watch it live on Facebook. For our NEXT shows (later in the semester), we may well move to multiple showtimes to accommodate more people in-person.

Call Times

The house officially opens to the audience at 6:30, but the Great Room will be open all day, and those from Skits are welcome to stay over for supper in the gap between 4:20 (end of class) and 6:00.

6:00-6:20 Freedom Choir warm-up (as we have no rehearsal that day).
6:20-6:30 House opens for cast All-Call. All cast members (from every ensemble) should be in the Great Room ready to go at 6:30 sharp. We’ll walk through the staging for our mass number (first on the program) once at 6:30. Please be on time. Then we’ll hang around until showtime.
7:00 Show time.

Apparel for Participants

The following two ensembles should “dress fancy”:

  • Story, Rhyme, & Song
  • Kids’ Choir

The remainder should dress in all black, avoiding the super-casual and the super-formal, as well. (For example, no sweats, and no evening gowns or tuxedos.) Long sleeves are preferrable to short:

  • Glee Club
  • Freedom Choir
  • Skits Workshop


For the in-person audience: (No refreshments will be served to the Facebook livestreamed audience!) To quote a line from The Music Man, “You can eat your fill of all the food you bring yourself!”. Several from Freedom Choir are bringing refreshments, and we’d encourage Glee Club and Kid’s Choir families to bring something, too, if you can swing it.

Don’t Forget About Registration!

Don’t forget about the registration tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. for the in-person audience. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience of it all, but with our limited space, it is what it is. Be sure you’re registered for the Weather Closures “class” at