Why Don’t We Coach SINGING This Way?

Athletics is commonly taught in a class setting, and where student after another executes a move, and they all get coached in front of everybody.

Why don’t we teach SINGING like this? Why not teach it in a class where the students can learn quickly from each other’s successes and mistakes—and where the process of learning becomes NORMALIZED, rather than it being something to be ashamed of?

This method works great for sports, and it works great for singing, too!

This is the method we use at Sing Montana! for our Voice Camp for Teens, and we do it from time to time also in our various choruses. We also hope to roll out an evening Voice Class for adults. So many singers improve quicker under this method than they do in private (and costly!) voice lessons!

We’re trying to break out of the typical choral pattern, where the way the organization is run, it ends up catering to the very fears that it wishes could be overcome! That is, for fear of making the singers uncomfortable, corrections are targeted at the whole group, where they may be safely disregarded by everyone, including the ones most in need of hearing them—and then, not put into practice by anybody except the better singers who may have already been doing them!

And that’s a losing proposition! So, having learned it the hard way, we’re adamant at going after it the same way the better athletics programs do—where everyone’s expected to be a learner and self-improver, and where there’s just not room on the team for those who aren’t interested in that.

We understand that we could take a different approach, and opt for an experience that’s “safe” for everyone in this way. But I have never once heard a “safe” choir that sounds resonant and energetic like a great choir will sound!

Life is short; why not do something extraordinary while we are here?