Sing Montana! on the Hunt for Instrumental Talent, Both Now and Later

We’re almost ready for our 3rd Annual Montana Christmas! Singalong and Choral Concert, and as luck would have it, we still need to fill some instrumental spots in the show! Please help us spread the word, as we’re hoping to avoid having to use keyboards to play these important parts!

Needed right now:

  • 1 violinist for a Joplinesque waltz.
  • 1 flautist for a descant on a traditional carol.
  • 2 trumpeters and 1 trombonist for a Funk Rock piece.
  • 1 guitarist (Nylon or Steel String) for a simple strummed accompaniment on the Joplinesque waltz. (Oom-pa-pa)
  • Auxiliary Percussion Players: Shaker, Claves, Wood Block, and perhaps some other things.
  • 1 string bassist for the Joplinesque waltz. (Oom-pa-pa) And for the traditional carol.

If we don’t get lucky enough to find the live players, we’ll cover these parts with keyboard instruments―but everybody knows live players are better!

Our Christmas show has a dress rehearsal on Monday 4 December, and we play on Friday and Saturday, the 8th and the 9th. So if you’re interested in playing, please don’t wait to call or text Jack Pelham at (406) 696-4435. And if it’s too late at night for that, you can contact us here.

Needed for our Spring Semester:

We sing a lot of unaccompanied choral works, and have need of a piano accompanist from time to time, but if we had working relationships with the following instrumentalists, we’d like to work up a piece from time to time.

  • Piano accompanist (for choral work)
  • Piano accompanist for solo/duet work
  • Guitar (classical/folk styles)
  • Horn Line (Saxes, trumpets, trombones)
  • Drums
  • Electric Bass
  • String Bass
  • Violin
  • Clarinet
  • String Quartet
  • Steel Drums

Our Vision

We founded our Freedom Choir with the idea of proving a high quality option for those who had excellent choral experiences in high school and college, and have no outlet for singing now. Freedom Choir is a volunteer community “pops” choir, with “something for everyone”, as we sing in many different styles. We’re also rolling out Sing Montana! Troubadours this Christmas. It’s a troupe of excellent soloists who will sing nicely-accompanied pieces in restaurants, clubs, and assisted living facilities. We also have Sing Montana! Youth Choir for homeschoolers, and are getting ready to offer singing classes and music-reading classes to the general public. The mission of Sing Montana! is to provide opportunities for singers to perform and to improve their skills.

While singing is our mainstay, we still think we could play a similar role in providing outlets for some instrumentalists who aren’t looking for an intense gig, but would like to stay sharp in their skills, and be meaningfully involved in the musical community. If this sounds like you’d we’d love to talk to you right way! Even if you’re not interested in playing our Christmas show, our plans for our repertoire for next semester hinge somewhat on the instrumentalist relationships we can get going in December and January.

So if you’re interested in playing, or simply in learning more, please don’t wait to call or text Jack Pelham at (406) 696-4435. And if it’s too late at night for that, you can contact us here.