Mission and Goals


To build and sustain an excellent choral organization that facilitates skilled/experienced singers of many ages and that is a blessing to its audiences.


  1. To build an enriching experience for singers, such that they will want to be involved in it for a lifetime.
  2. To reach 50 members by January  2023.
  3. To sing in various styles that highlight rich vocal and harmonic resonance, including:  Barbershop, Doo Wop, Jazz, Traditional Glee Club, Classical, Calypso, Contemporary Acapella, Negro Spirituals, etc.
  4. To sing songs as recent as the current pop charts, as well as some that are centuries old.
  5. To perform three major performances each year, and perhaps a small performance now and then.
  6. To mix up most of our performances with a few mass chorus numbers, several from the smaller premier chorus, and several smaller ensemble/solo pieces.
  7. To provide opportunities for skilled soloists to shine.
  8. To actively encourage youth involvement, as well as family involvement.
  9. To efficiently facilitate adults who sang well in high school and college, but who have no current outlet for singing.
  10. To collaborate with other local artists/ensembles from time to time.
  11. To conduct rehearsals punctually, efficiently, and by the best practices and standards in the American choral school.