You’ll find drop-down menu items for each of our ensembles under the “Ensembles” tab above. There are also brief descriptions below, which we will try to keep updated regularly!

Freedom Choir (Ages 16-120)

SATB (mixed) choir. Our Fall semester is about 13 weeks long, and ends with the annual Montana Christmas! Concert, featuring all our choral ensembles in a family-friendly show. Our Spring semester is about 18 weeks long and ends in our annual Sing Montana! concert. We’re off in the summers.
Freedom Choir is our flagship ensemble, has existed since January 2021. We perform at least 3 times a year. We sing songs in many styles, and to call us a “pops choir” wouldn’t be that far off. Members are expected to be skilled in singing on pitch, and to be able to match the designated vowel sounds of every word in a song. Regular attendance is expected of every member, as this is not a class but a team of interdependent musicians. We invest quite a lot of work in providing not only sheet music, but rehearsal tracks from which to learn and practice each part.

Homeschool Choirs (3 groups ranging from 7 to 18 years old)

These three ensembles are all detailed on our Homeschool Choirs Page.