Sing, Montana! is a project of We, Montana!, a domestic Montana nonprofit corporation that was formed to do some really extraordinary things!


To build and sustain a charitable, multi-generational, and highly-skilled men’s chorus that serves as both a rich fraternity to its members and as a musical blessing to its audiences.

See our Mission and Goals page here.

We accept for membership only congenial men of good character who love harmony in music or have a desire to harmonize.  We deliberately include men of all ages, from a mature 13 years old and up.  See about Organization and Membership here Learn about our rehearsal routine here.   See our Code of Conduct here.  If that sounds like you, we’d love to meet you.  Please contact us today!



New Director, Jack Pelham

Our director is Jack Pelham.  You can read about him at the wemontana.org website here and and you’ll find a list of his artistic accomplishments here.