Code of Conduct

Each member will be required to sign the Code of Conduct upon registration each semester. You may download the document just below and bring it with you to the first rehearsal.

The following code of conduct is designed to facilitate excellence in both our music and our micro-comunity.  This code is based on years of experience and observation as to what works well in other groups, and what typically causes them to fail in various ways.  The ideal member of Sing, Montana! will be the sort who can (and will) genuinely embrace all of these ideals.


  1. I will be responsible for learning my parts with the sheet music and rehearsal aids provided.
  2. I will abide by the House Rules of the Great Room (where we rehearse), and by the rules of any other venue we may perform or rehearse in.
  3. I have read and will abide by the COVID-19 Policy issued by the We, Montana! Board of Directors.
  4. I will strive to behave congenially and honorably toward all members, and in all matters, just as I would expect to be treated this way myself.  When I fail in this, I will maturely admit the failure and strive to correct it immediately.  I understand that habitual failure in this regard will result in me being asked to leave the group.
  5. I will strive to protect the atmosphere of the rehearsals and other gatherings, refraining from grouchy, negative, sarcastic, undermining, or overreaching words or actions.
  6. I will refrain from assuming any teaching or supervisory role unless expressly appointed to such position by the director.  This includes making instructive or critical comments in rehearsal.
  7. I will refrain from discussing the particulars of politics and religion while at Sing, Montana! functions.  This is not because they are not important, but because they are simply outside our particular mission, and are likely to cause dissension that is irrelevant to what we are here to do.  This chorus exists deliberately as a peaceful oasis in the midst of a blazing desert of disagreement, and not as a public forum for advancing the members’ political or religious views.
  8. I agree that the Director has the final word in all chorus decisions, including, but not limited to, membership, conflict resolution, repertoire, musical interpretation, performance attire, who will sing what, and who will have any responsibilities beyond singing–such as section leaders, logistics managers, etc.  I understand that I may freely discuss any concerns or ideas with the Director, but will do so privately, unless in a public session designated for such discussion.
  9. By participating, I willfully grant the Director (and his designates, if any) permission to graciously correct my singing and other behaviors as needed.  While corrections are ideally handled privately, I understand that certain corrections–particularly with the singing–may be handled gently in public, as needed to facilitate the rehearsal efficiently.
  10. I agree to participate enthusiastically in fundraising and recruitment efforts–to the best of my ability, however great or small that may be.
  11. I agree to treat the audience like royalty, presenting our performances as an enthusiastic service to the public, as my personal contribution to the continuance of the rich heritage of choral music and stagecraft alike.