Freedom Choir (Mixed)

Come see! Visit us at our Open House on September 13 to see if you and Freedom Choir are right for one another! Read about it here!

Sing, Montana! Freedom Choir is a mixed group (SATB) that sings a multitude of styles, including:

  • Standard choral works
  • Patriotic songs
  • Mixed Barbershop
  • Negro Spirituals
  • Doo Wop
  • Jazz / Swing

It’s a super-fun group of friends that’s also focused on excellence, which we are learning as we go. There’s no audition, and membership is by member invitation only. Not all of our members read music, but most do. We work to learn our parts at home so that we don’t use valuable rehearsal time teaching notes. (We often make learning tracks available for this purpose.)


The maximum age is 120 years old. The minimum is 13 years old, with the occasional advanced 12-year old being approved by the Director.


We rehearse on Monday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the We, Montana! Great Room.


We currently operate in “semesters”, with a Fall (September to December) and Spring (January to April) semester. The fee per semester is $40 per member, payable at or before the first rehearsal of the semester. If you’ve been invited to join, you may participate in two rehearsals for free, and after that, we’ll prorate your semester fee according to how many weeks are left in the semester.


If you know a member of the group, be sure to ask them about it. And if they think you are a kind person (who would fit in well) and a good singer, they’ll most likely invite you! Or if you don’t know any members, feel free to reach out to the Director (Jack Pelham) to talk about it. He’ll want to hear you sing–mostly to be sure you can match pitches accurately. And if you seem like a good fit, he may just invite you to join!


Every once in a while, one of our members might invite someone who’s not as good a singer as they thought, and who doesn’t seem to be improving. Oops! This normally means one of two things: 1) They aren’t matching pitches well, or 2) They won’t sing out with a normal, rich tone. The second, of course, is not as damaging as the first, but the sound we’re looking for is a robust one, and not a timid one. So we’re really hoping that the more timid singers will decide to spread their wings sooner than later. In the event that we should discover that a member is consistently at odds with the group’s goals for pitch and vocal tone, the Director will, at his discretion, ask the member to resign from the group, with our best wishes.


If you’re already a member, or have been invited to join, you may register for Fall 2021 here.