Making our world a little better by promoting life-long learning, engagement, and excellence in the Billings, Montana area.

A few brief testimonials from some of our older students–and some fun with Boomwhackers! Yes, we do run a “tight ship” here—and we manage to have lots of fun, too.
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What’s Going On At We, Montana!

"A society grows great when old men plant trees under which they know they shall never sit." ~Ancient Greek ProverbIn our culture, most people tend to achieve their highest levels of learning and engagement with others in their childhood years.  But why should that be?  Jack Pelham founded We, Montana! to play a role in turning this around.  Our goal is to use our Great Room in Billings to facilitate life-long learning and engagement in various ways, as well as to sponsor the occasional event in larger venues.  Here are some quick bullets that highlight various projects we have in mind, as well as various overall goals.  Please note that while we are starting with several homeschool-related projects, it is not our ultimate aim to restrict our efforts only to the homeschooling community.  We have simply started “where we are”, and will grow from here.  Here are our three main programs so far:

  1. Community Program.  From time to time, we’ll schedule special classes, lectures, and speeches for the community at large. After starting with our Homeschool Program (just below), we’re excited to be rolling out our first Community Program events this Fall
  2. Homeschool Program.  Our goal is to facilitate some things that are typically difficult for homeschoolers or homeschool co-ops to do excellently on a small scale.  We have a “big tent” philosophy aimed at  getting lots of people working together to provide the support that excellent programs really need.  We started with one course offering in Fall 2018, and now we have several regular offerings and several special events from time to time!
  3. Sing, Montana!  We love choral music, and we already have a Women’s Chorus (SSA/SSAA) and a Homeschool Chorus (SAB/SATB), and we hope to get a Men’s Chorus going in time, as well.  We hope to see these choruses grow very large in time, while keeping the quality high.

We’ve been building slowly and wisely.  We have a great Board of Directors and are finally completing the steps to form as a Montana nonprofit corporation and to file as a 501(c)3 organization with the IRS.  This will help us to grow as we’ll be able to conduct fundraisers to increase our revenues beyond what can be brought in by tuition fees for our students.

Our Executive Director is Jack Pelham.  He teaches most of our courses so far, and oversees the Great Room activities and facility while the Board handles the business end of We, Montana!  You can read Jack’s bio here.

We’ve been slowly searching to get just the right people helping in just the right ways.  Do you have something to offer?  If you’d like to discuss it, please contact us here.  Otherwise, taking a moment here and there to share any of the pages here with your friends could give us a big boost!  Thanks in advance for any sharing you do!