May 2022 Patriotic/Americana Show Program in the works.

PENDING SHOW DATE: Saturday 14 May 2022
7:00 to 9:00pm
Lincoln Center Auditorium

We need to put together a show committee ASAP. Please let me know ASAP if you’d be interested in serving on that.

The following titles are under consideration for inclusion in the show. The ones with the tan-colored backgrounds are fairly certain to be in the show.


Carry On! (SAMPLER: Chorus Parts Only)

Chapel of Love (because it’s such a crowd-pleaser, and because it’s so easy. Sorry I never put up rehearsal aids for this one. I’ll get on it soon.)

Come Unto Me (Now Completed)

Deep River (Women’s Chorus)

Down Our Way (With Altos singing the patter lyrics on the second verse)

Hello, My Baby!

I Love You Truly

In the Still of the Night (In progress)

Military Medley (Not yet Arranged–this might also be joined in by a temporary event choir)
We’ll Follow the Old Man Wherever He Wants to Go
That’s Where My Money Goes
I’ve Got Six Pence
Bell-Bottom Trousers
Over There
Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

Montana (SATB–Advanced)

Old Cowhand / Lone Prairie

One More Song

Patriotic Medley (If we form a temporary event choir for this show, this is likely what they’d sing—along with Freedom Choir)
You’re a Grand Old Flag
Yankee Doodle Boy
My Country, Tis of Thee
America the Beautiful

Star Spangled Banner (freshly arranged) If we can learn it (it’s hard), it would be our show-opener.

Steal Away

This Is My Country

Western Medley (not yet arranged)
Don’t Fence Me In
Happy Trails
Need one or two other great western songs. Suggestions?

When the Trumpet Sounds