Montana Christmas: Concert and Singalong

What is this page for?

This page is a starting place for the planning committee for the Christmas show.

How soon can we have an initial meeting?

I have built a scheduling survey at Google Forms. Please take this survey ASAP to see if we can get a first meeting together soon.

Who’s on the committee?

As of today (26 May 2021), the committee is as follows (in no meaningful order):

  1. Jack Pelham
  2. Kay Pelham
  3. James Pelham
  4. Nick Chaney
  5. Melissa Kinney
  6. Kenda Rollins
  7. Nicole Beck
  8. Christina Tillman
  9. Tess Kachik

We may well pull in others, after we start giving the project its due consideration.

Where can I learn more about the project?

For starters, here’s a paper from which you can gather the description and scope of the intended project. You can print it, but be advised is has a couple of hyperlinks (to photos) that you can follow on your screen through the PDF.