Upcoming Shows

Our next concert is tentatively scheduled for Saturday May 14, 2022. Check back for more details soon.

Past Shows

Billings Community Band Concert–Sunday 12 December, 7:00pm.
Lincoln Center Auditorium

Sing, Montana! Freedom Choir has been invited by the Community Band to sing in the middle of the Band’s concert at the Lincoln Center. We’re excited to join in, as well as to sing in that great hall! We’ll be performing about the non-Christmas half of the program we’ll sing in our own show the next night. The band concert will end with a Christmas singalong, accompanied by the band.
Tickets are available at the door only. ($8 for adults, $5 for children)

First Annual Montana Christmas! Singalong and Choral Concert–Monday 13 December, 7:00pm. Babcock Theatre

This is our own show–our first in a large venue.