Babcock Theatre

Look for our first official performance in late summer 2018!

Our performances will be quite varied in nature–split between chorus numbers, smaller ensembles, and even some solo work here and there.  We’ll also bring in guest performers when we find an irresistible match-up with other local talent!

It will be our aim to have public performances several times a year.   We’ll sing in places like the Lincoln Center Auditorium and the Babcock Theatre.   We will build a strong marketing machine to draw substantial crowds for our shows.

Lincoln Center Auditorium

We’ll also be looking for opportunities, such as the various street festivals downtown in Billings, and other big events.

Beyond that, however, don’t be surprised to find us singing on the street corners downtown some evenings–just for fun.  Fun is, after all, our prime directive!

Strawberry Festival at Skypoint