Riu Riu Chiu: Rehearsal Aids

For Montana Christmas! 2022. This is a Spanish piece from the Renaissance era. Attributed to Mateo Flecha the Elder (1481-1553) The song has lots of verses. I’ve selected the ones below. The “chorus” is the only text that the whole choir will sing. Each verse will be for solo singers. So even though this looks really scary, the chorus parts are going to be quick to learn!

The first 11 seconds are particularly useful for learning the Spanish in rhythm. See the instructions just below for how to slow down the video playback to 50% speed, which makes it even easier. The first 11 seconds are the most helpful.
Riu, riu, chiu
La guarda ribera
Dios guarde el lobo
De nuestra cordera.
Riu, riu, chiu
The river bank is protected
God has kept the wolf
From our ewe lamb
Yo vi mil Garzones
que andavan cantando /
Por aqui volando
haciendo mil sones /
Diciendo a gascones
Gloria sea en el Cielo /
Y paz en el suelo
pues Jesus nasciera.
I saw a thousand Angels
Who were singing
Flying around
Chanting in a thousand voices
Saying to the shepherds
Glory in Heaven
And peace on earth
For Jesus is born
Pues que ya tenemos
lo que deseamos /
Todos juntos vamos
presentes llevemos /
Todos le daremos
nuestra voluntad /
Pues a se igualar
con nosotros viniera.
Now we have
What we desire
Let us go together
To present him gifts
Let us all give him
Our will
For he came
As our equal
All 4 Parts–Ah Sound
Soprano Predominant (Piano)
Alto Predominant (Piano)
Tenor Predominant (Piano)
Bass Predominant (Piano)