Sing, Montana!

Sing, Montana! is a project of We, Montana! and includes three advanced choral groups, a mixed chorus (Freedom Choir) and a men’s and women’s chorus. Jack Pelham is a trained choral director, and has long desired to build an excellent choral program–particularly of adults who simply love to sing good music. “Why should so many learn these great singing skills in high school and college,” he asks, and then never use them much for the rest of their lives?”

In the Fall of 2018, we began our Homeschool Chorus, which has been a successful program. And then just before the COVID-19 lockdown happened, we had just begun a Women’s Chorus that will start meeting again in Fall 2020. We’re very excited about both programs, and look forward to performing frequently from here forward. Meanwhile, Jack is also eager to regroup with a Men’s Chorus in the next couple of years as we get up to speed. The Men’s Chorus is the most difficult of all “to find the talent with the time,” as Jack puts it. Good male singers aren’t as plentiful in our society as good women singers. Meanwhile, the good ones are often too busy with career and/or family to have the time to join a regular ensemble. Jack started a men’s group a couple of years ago, but didn’t have the means to get the word out sufficiently to make it grow beyond 12-or-so regular members. So the group has been in recess until the situation is better for gathering a larger group.

The Sing, Montana! brand will continue as a special project under the We, Montana! umbrella, and will have its own website to promote the various choruses’ performances to the public more conveniently than can this present website, as large and complicated as it is! You can see the original Sing, Montana! website in transition here.