Special Fee Structure for Fall 2020

We, Montana! understands that it’s hard to know how to proceed in these crazy times, so as part of our mission to facilitate homeschooling in the Billings area, we’re implementing a new pricing policy for Fall 2020, and we’re moving forward with in-person classes for those who are interested in getting out during COVID-19.

We’ve reworked our two-semester courses into one-semester courses, and are charging only $40 per student per course.  If your Monday or Tuesday co-op has canceled its Fall courses, we can keep you happily occupied with excellent courses until the year’s end.  And if you’re brand new to homeschooling, this is a great “try-and-see” opportunity for you to learn about We, Montana! with minimal expense and commitment.  And please note that this is a special offer aimed at helping out in this current crisis, so please don’t be surprised when we return to normal pricing in Fall 2021.

Please see full course details here.