Special Invitation to Sing Sur Le Pont in 17 May Concert

Freedom Choir would like to invite the Kids’ Choir and Glee Club members who previously sang Sur Le Pont with us on March 1 to join us in our May 17 concert to sing it again. As long as we can get at least 10 or 12, we know it’ll be enough to make enough sound.

All of you who sing will get a free ticket to the show. (Tickets are $7 in advance, and $10 at the door. Here’s the detail page for that concert, which is not in the Great Room, but at the chapel at Yellowstone Christian College.) Whoever brings you will need to buy a ticket, but you’ll get in free yourself.

I’ll be putting out some practice recordings this weekend, so you’ll have a chance to refresh your memory at home. And then we’ll meet a little early on the show date to run through it once altogether. (The concert starts at 7, the house opens to the public at 6:30, and the Sur Le Pont singers should be there promptly at 6:10, ready to sing.)

If you’d like to sing, please RSVP as soon as you can through the Remind announcement that linked you to this page.


Jack Pelham