This year, we’re focusing on getting out as much video as possible so as to get the word out to more people about what goes on here. All the videos below are posted on our YouTube channel. Our whole “Playlist” appears first, or you can watch individual videos below that.


We have several videos that play automatically
in succession in this box.


Testimonials from some of our older students, and some fun with Boomwhackers!
A quick sampler of some of the fun that goes on here.
(Yes, we actually do have classes, too–but that’s another video!)
Students from our Public Speaking Workshop
Penelope records her solo piece for Public Speaking.
A surprise skit from our year-end concert in 2018/2019.
An important message from Mattie Elkin about our Skits Workshop.
Here’s an example of a practice
recording (with accompaniment) that we use sometimes for our choral groups.
Here’s a (serviceable) example of the recording we’d like to start doing with some of our choral members.