Christmas Caroling for Sometime After Our Show Is Over???

About a dozen of us went caroling last night as part of the Holiday Stroll event (Downtown Billings Alliance). We had a great time, and there was a lot of enthusiasm about doing it again next year. (And I think that maybe next year, we could have two or three well-balanced groups to wander about as we did last night). It sure seemed wrong that we couldn’t have everybody with us, but it was what it was!

Anyway, several of us thought it would be nice—-AFTER OUR SHOW IS FINISHED—-to arrange a casual caroling event at a local nursing home, retirement home, or assisted living facility. I don’t know when would be best for that—and I wonder about Monday night, the 20th—in our regular rehearsal slot (though our rehearsal semester will end the week before with our show). Depending on the facility, of course, they may much prefer us to come in the daytime—-or am I wrong about that? (And on what weekday would they want us?)

We wouldn’t have to have all 33 of us to make this work, so we can approach it quite casually. I know that these especially at this time of year, these songs mean so much to so many. So I’m highly motivated to make it work out if we can get at least a dozen or so (with all the parts represented).

Our set of 6 singalong songs only takes us 15 or 20 minutes to perform, so we could possibly have a caravan and go to more than one location on the same outing.

Anybody have ideas where to go and when? Anybody have contacts in such homes already? Anybody have recent experience putting together such a thing? You can send me your ideas/responses on Remind—responding to the post that got you here.